Clutter Diet – Week 1 Continued

There were a few more assignments from the Clutter Diet community this week.  The first was regarding household safety, making sure that we’re ready to change our smoke and CO detector batteries in a couple of weeks (synchronized with the time change).  I’m good on that.  We buy batteries at our local club store and so I’ve got a pile of 9Vs ready for use.

The other was regarding fire extinguishers. We don’t have one.  We’ve never had one.  So while I was at Home Depot yesterday picking up some ceiling fans for the boys rooms, I perused the fire safely shelves.  I ended up buying a small two pack of extinguishers, a small one for the kitchen, suitable for grease and other fires, and a larger (but still compact) one to have in the basement near the laundry room.  This is also the furnace room, tool storage, old paint depository, etc, so lots of potentially flammable stuff there.  The package with both of these devices was less than $40 CDN, so a very reasonable price to pay for that added security.

Your thoughts?

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