Simple Woman’s Daybook – October 19, 2009

For today, October 19, 2009…
Outside my window…it’s sunny, crisp, and gorgeous. Fall colours are out and homes are decorated for Hallowe’en.
I am thinking… about the day ahead, my course, and various projects on the go at home this week.
I am thankful for…a beautiful day at the opera yesterday.
I am wearing… dark grey v-neck sweater, faded black jeans, slippers.
I am remembering… my time at my former parish Mary Our Queen in Atlanta. I’m still on the choir mailing list and am reminded to pray for those in need, particularly Fr. Joseph Peek who is fighting leukemia. Prayer was a huge secondary ministry of the choir, and we seemed to work miracles!
I am going… to my theology class this morning, and a school council meeting this evening.
I am reading…a book of short stories by Mary Gaitskill called Don’t Cry and Models of the Church by Avery Dulles.
I am hoping…to get back to the gym….sort of.
On my mind… we are planning to move Michael to the Virtual High School for math so that he can get through the curriculum faster. I have left an email with his guidance counsellor at school and I’m hoping there is no negative fallout to this change.
I’m learning… about my family history and have joined some genealogical societies to help myself along. I find it fascinating, and hope that it will be a wonderful gift to future generations.
Noticing that… my allergies don’t seem to be getting any better with the cooler weather.
Pondering these words… “We didn’t have so many things in those days. There weren’t so many things to have. There was more to look forward to, but less to possess. It’s the other way round now.” Margaret Drabble in her novel The Seven Sisters.
From the kitchen… I need to do a big grocery shop today. The cupboards are pretty bare!

Around the house… I’ve joined the Clutter Diet program to try to get the house under control.
One of my favorite things… is walking with my dog, in the fall, listening to a podcast, and enjoying the cool, bracing weather.
From my picture journal… a memory of my trip to the opera yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook – October 19, 2009

  1. I love the opera but there isn't one near. Everything is going so fast. Thank you for telling us about the clutter diet. It's not that I need it but that is where my interest lies. I love books on organization. Have a great week. Doylene

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