A lot of nothing.

This weekend, Z and I were on our own, in our home, for the first time in a long time.  With Alex at Queen’s and Michael away at band camp for four days, we had the weekend to relax in peace with no demands or responsibilities to anyone but each other (and Wilson).

Friday night we ate leftovers and vegetated in front of the television. We awoke late on Saturday (late for us is 8 or 8:30) and read the papers until after noon.  More leftovers for lunch and then we headed out to Yorkdale to see The Informant! which was remarkable.  We knew nothing about it, other than it had been highly recommended by some friends, and we both loved it.  It’s a hard film to describe, and won’t appeal to everyone, but it was perfect for us.  We wandered around the mall for a while afterwards and then headed home.  We made some nachos and read/watched TV.  Sunday was choir practice, mass, bagels and then an afternoon of reading and napping.  We headed out to the Bistro on Avenue a few blocks away from home for some beer, wings, jalapeno poppers, and caesar salad (that would comprise our fat grams for the entire week).  We shared a KitCat on the way home, and are watching the premiere of Battle of the Blades, the Canadian reality show pairing figure skates (female) and hockey players (male) for some ice dancing. So far, it’s pretty entertaining.

When I write it all out, it sounds like a whole lot of nothing, but it was a great time to reconnect and just be together.  We checked in with Alex a couple of times, and Michael gets back tomorrow, so normal life will resume.  But it was a great little break.

Your thoughts?

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