Seven Quick Takes Friday

There was a terrific interview with Van Morrison on Studio Q yesterday, one of the most in depth that he has given.  Jian Ghomeshi seems to be able to bring out the best in his guests.  The full, uncut interview is available at the website.

Michael used his Wednesday tuba lesson to pick up some basics on the bass trombone, which he will be playing in the Jr. Jazz Band at school.  It went well, although the first jazz band rehearsal Thursday morning was a little overwhelming.  Now that he knows the slide positions, he can bring an instrument home to practice some of the music on his own.
While he was at his lesson, I checked out the Bloor-Gladstone library, recently renovated.
A couple of interior shots…

I was at the first meeting of our parish’s Catholic Women’s League Executive last night.  One of the projects that we are getting involved in is the support of a refugee family that the parish is sponsoring.  They are not expected to arrive until next spring, which will be THREE years since the parish started the process.  The holdup is apparently red tape with the Canadian government.  How frustrating for the family, who I believe are living in a refugee camp at the moment.
Michael has headed off to band camp for four days this morning.  I drove him and his duffel bag to school for 8:30, and as I arrived, he called home saying that he had forgotten his music and mouthpiece, so I drove back with these items.  It was quite nerve wracking driving through the neighborhood, with cyclists and pedestrians paying NO attention to the traffic around them.  I sound like an old fogey, but do they think that ear-buds provide some sort of invincibility?  I saw a group of four teenage boys cross Lawrence West, a busy four lane street, not even looking at the traffic.  Four lanes of cars came to screeching halts while these hooded and budded lads wandered nonchalantly across the street.
One son at university and one at band camp means four days at home on our own.  ‘Nuff said.
I am joining an 8-week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” group hosted by Beth Dargis over at My Simpler Life.  We have our first online meeting (a group chat) Monday evening where we will think about our personal motivations for decluttering and create a plan.  I am looking forward to making progress on the house between now and Christmas.
We had the exteriors of our windows cleaned yesterday, so my big project over the next few days is to clean the insides, and take down the screens.  With the cool weather descending and the shorter days, we can use all the light we can get!  This is my favorite time of year, weather-wise, and I feel positively energized by the temperature.  I’m also sleeping better at night, now that I’ve got the duvet and cosy blanket out again.

5 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. The library is just beautiful! Oh, what a pleasant way to enjoy great books!

    The “Get a Handle on Clutter” group sounds great! I'll be looking to hear more about it in your posts! =)

  2. Wow, the library is gorgeous. I could stroll through there for hours. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Just dropping by from Home Sanctuary.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Hello Janet from Toronto….I'm Marie from andifnot and I'm almost next door in Stoney Creek(Hamilton)….it's nice to meet a fellow Canadian through Home Sanctuary. I also have a daughter that is involved in the school band…she plays the tuba…very feminine!! Hope you do better with your clutter than I'm doing!

  4. Sounds like a great decluttering group! Good for you.

    I enjoyed your list! The photos of the library were great…I love buildings and architecture.

    We kid around with our son that all he needs is to take up the tuba…then he can lug that around with the hockey gear and golf clubs. 🙂

  5. I've been working on decluttering and deep cleaning around here too. I didn't quite get around to cleaning all the blinds before the weather went rainy on us. 😦

    Good luck with your group!

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