Seven Quick Takes Friday


  1. Z brought some bizarre little edibles back from China. Think raisins, but made with (cherry?) tomatoes. Sweet and salty at the same time. Wrapped in little packets of 3 fruit each.
  2. Took a course at the Archives of Ontario today for genealogists. Did a little research afterwards and found estate files for three of my ancestors. There is an incredible wealth of material there, and I’ll certainly be back for some extended research sessions. They have very cool electronic microfilm readers that let you send images to networked printers at 50 cents per image (**cough**).
  3. Wilson got a “Jack Russell” cut this week, which means they trim him down very short. He looks great and it considerably cuts down on the dog hair all over the place. He’s also learned to stay off the furniture (a new rule), although I believe he thinks he’s only forbidden on the furniture when we’re in the room.
  4. Alex has finally got his timetable finalized at Queen’s, and it includes a film studies course instead of computer science, which was the wrong course for him. I think he’ll enjoy film, and it’ll make him think in a different way from the rest of his courses.
  5. I’ve started tweeting (@jannie_b). I may run out of steam on this, but I’m giving it a try. I don’t have a smart phone, so I”m limited to tweeting from my computer or my iPod Touch (when there’s wifi). I’m enjoying following Jian Ghomeshi (CBC’s Studio Q), and Flylady, who reminds me about housekeeping stuff.
  6. Tomorrow, Z and I are heading to the opening of the Toronto Palestine Film Festival to see Amreeka. I’m hoping to drop in to the ROM beforehand to see the Vanity Fair Portraits that opens tomorrow.
  7. I met a blogging acquaintance in real life last week at an event that we both attended. I knew from her blog that she was going to an event that I was attending, and she has distinctive hair, so I figured I’d just go up and introduce myself. The first woman I accosted was not in fact her. Oops.

Your thoughts?

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