This sudden burst of heat and humidity is dragging me down. This was to be a week with relatively few commitments in which I could get back on track with the house and stuff. But I just feel lethargic and dull. That being said…

Monday was the first week of a 12 week continuing ed class I’m taking at Regis College called “The Beautiful People of God: The Church, Past, Present and Future”. The first session was an overview of the course, and the discussion period saw the prof hit with all the “hot” topics in the Catholic world right now, like denying communion to Obama voters. We also had some off-the-wall questions like “Would you say that Calvin is a saint?” and “Why did Jesus have to be resurrected?” But I think it will be a good course. I’ve ordered one of the two books he suggested, Models of the Church by Avery Dulles.
Monday night was the first parent council meeting at Michael’s school, but I bailed at the last minute. (I’d have been simply an onlooker, so my presence was in no way necessary!) I was tired, it was Z’s first day back at work after being away for nine days, and I just wanted to be home. John arrived at 11 pm at Pearson so I picked him up and then fell into bed.
Yesterday, I was headachey and tired, yawning constantly. Today, I’m pretty much the same, although I dragged myself down the street to pick up some yogurt, lettuce and apples and the five library books that were on hold for me. I’m going to read (or nap) this afternoon and see if I can pull myself together for the evening.

Your thoughts?

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