Sunday Journal

Z is back from China after 9 days away and it feels like some normalcy has returned to the home front. He’s still discombobulated from the 12 hour time difference so had a long nap this afternoon, but I’m sure he’ll sleep well tonight. It’s great to have him back…it’s stressful to feel that everything rides on my shoulders when he’s away. I mean the decision making, not the actual carrying things out, which typically goes to me anyway, LOL!

Choir started back today, which was great. We have a couple of new cantors and the group was in great form this morning. We sang Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (JS Bach/OUP) and Grant Us Thy Peace (Mendelssohn).

We had a Skype chat with Alex this afternoon which was great, and I ran Michael over to the library to pick up a biography of Louis Armstrong for school. I finished up a terrific mystery/crime novel set in Toronto (Old City Hall


, by Robert Rotenberg) and have started the next book in my pile, The Girls


by Lori Lansens. A lot of books have reached the top of my hold list at the library, so I really have to motor as many of them are new and cannot be renewed.

Tomorrow, I start a 12 week continuing ed course at Regis College called The Beautiful People of God: The Church, Past, Present and Future. Tomorrow evening is the first parent council meeting at Michael’s school, so I hope to attend that as well. Lots of other fun and interesting stuff coming up. Check back!

Your thoughts?

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