Where I’m at

I haven’t been blogging much at all, and have contemplated giving it up for the simplicity and ease of Facebook, where it’s all really ephemeral and you don’t need to think much to post a status update or quick link. I’ll give it one last shot to see if it sticks.

It’s been a rough summer in many ways. Alex headed off to university this fall and not a moment too soon. Lots of drama, and not a lot of positive and pleasant interaction kept me walking on egg shells much of the time. Which is not what a mother should have to do.

He’s been gone a week, and I miss him a lot. But the tone at home is calmer and I’m working to find a new equilibrium inside myself. This past week, I have been very sleepy a lot of the time, and that is probably my body telling me that I am destressing. I’ve also had more than my share of headaches and back tension. A massage might be in order.

Michael started at the local high school last week and so far, so great. He is enthusiastic about most everything, is trying out for the Volleyball team, will play in the band, is taking tuba lessons and karate and Japanese on Saturdays (for his third year). He’s picking up extra chores around the house for some extra allowance now that his brother is gone, and is generally easy to please.

Z is away for 9 days in China on business, but my brother is here as he transitions from Berkeley to Toronto. He starts teaching tomorrow, and I’ve been helping him think through how to furnish his office and organize his stuff. My sister-in-law (the saint) and their three children (under 4) are still in California and will move up in November. He’ll be spending time in both cities until then.

The house is a bit of a tip, so I need to reboot my cleaning schedule and get back to the gym. I hope to hang out here at Domestic Bliss more often, particularly as things get a little more blissful around here. Thanks to anyone who’s still dropping by.


Your thoughts?

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