I ♥ iTunes 9!

I got prompted to download iTunes 9 this morning, and so far I am very impressed with a couple of the new features.

First, you can now share your music etc among household members who use the same iTunes account with the Home Sharing feature. Not just listen to it, but actually grab it and stick it in your library for mobile use. I know there were some kluge-y ways to do this before, but this (should be) is a very quick and user-friendly way to do it. Assuming it works. There’s no one home to let me set it up on other computers in the house.
Second (and this one I’ve tried) is the use of the genius feature to set up playlists (Genius Mixes). You pick a song, and then get Genius to choose similar music from your iTunes library to make a playlist. Example, I selected America’s Ventura Highway and got a 25 song playlist (the default size) that started with
  • Summer Breeze (Seals and Crofts)
  • Dreamweaver (Gary Wright)
  • Make it With You (Bread)
  • Baby Come Back (Player)
  • Still the One (Orleans)
  • Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan)
  • Dancing in the Moonlight (King Harvest) etc…

Cool eh?

Your thoughts?

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