Seven Quick Takes Friday


1. Z had a tire blowout on the highway last night on the way home from work. For my Toronto readers, this was in the express lanes on the 401 near Avenue Road. He called home and I reminded him to call the CAA. They were there in 10 minutes and helped him change the tire. When I looked at the tire in the trunk this morning, I was shocked. There were two big tears on the side wall. I checked my files and our five-year tire warranty ran out yesterday, so I went into Canadian Tire this morning ready to rumble…but hey very happily replaced the tire without discussion. We were due to replace three of them anyway, so I bought the other two tires. This is the second tire of the four that have been replaced under warranty, so it was a great thing to have spent that $10 or whatever for the tire care.

2. The garbage strike is over! Pickup will resume next week and so we can empty our shed of the bags of recyclables that we’ve accumulated over the 4-1/2 weeks. We ended up taking some garbage and compost to the temporary dumps as it was getting stinky and bug-ridden.

3. I have been going to Curves for 3 weeks and have not lost a pound. I’m hoping that I’m putting on some muscle though. Will do a body-fat check and measurements next week to see, but I have to say it’s kind of disheartening. I’m working out hard though, and am progressing in terms of difficulty on the machines, so I must be doing something good.

4. I have now read two books by Piers Paul Read. Terrific author and I don’t know how I have overlooked him to date.

5. Alex got sick this week with a flu-like thing and missed a day of work. He should have stayed home on Monday but we thought it was a cold and so he just drugged himself up and went. Monday night he had a fever so he stayed home on Tuesday and slept most of the day. By Tuesday night he was feeling better, although tired, but he went to work on Wednesday and then went to s Muay Thai classs. Yesterday, he stayed out until after midnight, so I have to assume whatever it was, passed.

6. I have gone back to morning prayer using Sacred Space, the excellent online devotional offered by the Irish Jesuits. I light a candle by my computer and sit in silence. It’s a good way to centre myself and collect my thoughts first thing each day.

7. Facebook has been a lot of fun recenlty and I’m finding myself posting stuff there that would normally make it here. Don’t know that I’ll give up blogging for good, but….

Your thoughts?

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