Menu Plan Monday


Okay….it’s been a while since I did this. But I just got back from my main weekly grocery shopping trip without having made a plan in advance, and so I need to sort out what to serve. I ended up shopping before planning because I dropped Michael off at the subway on his way to volleyball camp and there was a mall with a Fortino’s just around the corner. So since I was there, I decided to just get it done. I really like this store….I don’t usually shop at this store, but they have a large selection of natural and organic products including produce and health care, lots of interesting kosher foods, and more stuff on sale than in my usual Loblaws. I will probably start to go there more often.

Italicized items are what I picked up on the shopping trip.

Monday: Chicken scallopini with roasted asparagus and fried (leftover) brown rice.

Tuesday: Pasta with spicy sausage and tomato sauce (leftover from last week).

Wednesday: Baked salmon with spinach and cheese ravioli (purchased) and green beans.

Thursday: Cream of celery soup (to use up some limp celery), bread, caprese salad.

Friday: Cooks night off.

We also have some leftover rice and beans in the fridge, along with some Sri Lankan takeout. I will encourage the lads to snack on these items. I really need to go through my cupboards and work on using up some of the tins of beans and fish that I’ve accumulated over the past few months. I see tuna casseroles in my future.

Your thoughts?

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