Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. It’s my birthday week! I turned 49 yesterday and got many calls, emails, and Facebook messages, which was lovely. Z has been tied up at a business thing all week and so we are putting off the birthday dinner to the weekend (although I did take the boys out for sushi last night as I didn’t think it was right to have to cook on my birthday, regardless!)
2. I have come out of the closet regarding my bouts with depression, and two months ago began a regimen of antidepressants which has markedly improved my mood, reduced the incidence and severity of my migraines, and got me off the sofa and reasonably active again.
3. I have returned to Curves. I was a member for a year in Atlanta, and then joined when we first moved to Toronto. As I started to sink into depression last year, I stopped going and pretty much reduced my exercise to daily walks with Wilson. Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve got to get back in shape, and so had my orientation/first workout on my birthday yesterday. My new mantra is “Fit by Fifty”!
4. The boys are getting along much better now that Alex is busy working at a day camp and socializing with camp and school friends in his off hours. We hardly see him these days, which has calmed down the drama-level at home.
5. My mom gave me a very generous birthday gift and so I am deciding how to spend it. I’m thinking new workout clothes and a new winter coat, as the one I have is too big (!) and not full length. I also need winter boots that look appropriate with a skirt (ie, full length.)
6. I have been hearing Vivaldi’s Gloria everywhere these days. As background music in a TV documentary, on a DVD about Pope Benedict XVI, on a couple of YouTube videos, and on the radio. I sang it in a concert before Christmas so I always sing along with the alto line.
7. I have picked up tix for Herbie Hancock and Lang Lang at Massey Hall for Z, Michael and I. Michael is a huge fan of Lang Lang and this should be a great concert. I also got tickets to the National Youth Orchestra Concert in Toronto which will feature a piece composed by Michael’s tuba teacher, Rob Teehan.

Your thoughts?

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