Things are looking up.

I had my annual physical yesterday, and dumped all my problems on my dear doctor.  It was cathartic, to say the least.  But even more importantly, he listened really well, and responded with kindness, compassion, some proposals, and an invitation to return and talk some more.  

It’s that time of (my) life when lots of women go a little mental.  Or really mental.  I think I’m somewhere in between.  Sometime, over the past year or so, I lost my mojo and I need it back.  Badly.  Life has faded to grey recently, and it’s be a whole lot nicer in kodachrome.

A number of health issues got kinda connected for me yesterday, and we have a plan, doc and I, to go forward towards (my) sanity.  

I think this will become my theme song.  Kodachrome starts at 0:30.  


Your thoughts?

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