Family Visit

My brother and his wife were here for a week and the house seems so empty now that they’ve left!  They’re moving to this fair city sometime in late summer with their two beautiful boys (and one on the way).   My brother accepted a faculty position at one of the Catholic colleges associated with University of Toronto but deferred his start date by a year to allow them to settle their affairs in the US.  My sister-in-law is a geriatrician/pallitative care physician who will no doubt be scooped up by one of the many hospitals in this city that she visited over the week.  There is great need for her specialty in Canada, and with the loosening of restrictions on the importation of American physicians, her path to a medical license in Canada is a fairly easy one (at least compared to years past).  

They have understandable angst over selling their house in California, given the current economic situation.  The fact that child #3 arrives in mid August (and teaching term for dear brother starts in September) adds to the anxiety over the move.  But I know that he is happy to be returning to Canada after many years in the US, and she will be closer to her parents in Chicago.  

They have a lengthy list of things associated with and international move, plus the immigration application for my sister-in-law.  But we are thrilled that they are coming as it means both families will have….well….family in town.

Your thoughts?

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