Menu Plan Monday – April 13

I’ve gotta get out of this shopping-every-day rut that I have fallen in to.  This morning, I made my Mon-Thurs menu plan and did a full shop.  I will still need a couple of things that I couldn’t find (goat milk, in particular, for Michael) but I can pick that up when I’m doing a karate run tomorrow.
Monday:  Chili-Lime Chicken, broccoli, red fingerling potatoes.
Tuesday:  Shrimp & veggie stir-fry, rice.
Wednesday:  Marinated and grilled flank steak for burritos, refried beans, homemade guacamole & pico de gallo
Friday:  chef’s night off.

1 thought on “Menu Plan Monday – April 13

  1. Boy it’s nice to see another Canadian using this wonderful menu planning site. It’s helpful because the cost of things and the deals they get in the States are totally different from ours. Thanks

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