Holy Thursday

The Holy Thursday litugy was solemn and beautiful.  I was particularly moved by the readings; the lector was new to me (perhaps she reads at a different Sunday service than the one I normally attend) and her reading was clear and well-paced.  

Processional:  Christians, Let Us Love One Another (Picardy)
During Foot Washing:  Ubi Caritas (in latin)
During Offering of Gifts:  To Thee O Lord (Rachmaninoff) (mp3)
During Communion:  Tantum Ergo (Durufle) (YouTube)

After communion, the blessed sacrament was processed around the church while everyone sang Pange Lingua (YouTube).  I was pleasantly surprised, as I processed with the choir, to hear so many parishoners singing this chant with great fervour.  I guess, not being a cradle Catholic, I am unaware of how much these traditions become part of those who have grown up in the Church.

Your thoughts?

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