Film Fun – Part II

Alex got a call and email from the casting company for his upcoming stint as an extra.  The email had details about wardrobe requirements.  The scenes are set in winter, and he needs to be wearing his school uniform, plus bring two sets of winter outerwear (jackets, scarves, hats, boots, etc) and two sets of (winter) street clothes.  There are some specifications about colours of the clothing and a directive of “no logos”.   No cellphones and no personal cameras on the set….a big disappointment to all the lads, I’m sure!

We had been advised that, because he is under 18, he would need a guardian on set for the entire day.  This struck me as odd.  This boy has a driver’s permit, has travelled internationally on his own, and will be heading off to university in a few months.  I haven’t acted as a “guardian” for these types of things for years.  (I still do his laundry and cook his meals, though!)

The casting company sent a second email today advising that they had checked with ACTRA and extras over 16 don’t need a guardian so, other than getting him to the set at 6:20 a.m. on Monday morning, I’m off the hook.  I’m assuming that they got some pushback from other parents on this topic and decided to determine what the actual regulations are in this respect.  I was not looking forward to cooling my heels for 12-14 hours on Monday.

Sounds like a fun day for a 17-year-old though!

Your thoughts?

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