Deep question….

Why did I decide three weeks before vacation to grow out my hair? 

Hair management now requires a hair dryer, two different styles of brush, hair spray on top of paste on top of defrizzing cream, bobby pins, and velcro rollers.  And a whole lot of fussing.

How did I get here from defrizz cream, blast with dryer (no brush required), and a finger comb through with paste?  My three minute hair routine (from soaking wet to good-to-go) is a thing of the past.

And it all still looks like….well…someone growing out their hair.  You know. Wings over the ears, flat slides, bangs that are too long to let hang but too short to sweep/pin back.  No middle ground between flat head and puffy head.   Plus, I’m constantly taking my glasses on and off as I style because, well, they get in the way of my efforts to manage the hair winging out the sides.


Your thoughts?

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