March Break Madness

Tonight, the boys are freed from their blazers and ties and homework for two full weeks.  Alex, in particular, has been working like a dog to keep his grades up and qualify for university scholarships.  He’s been accepted at all three places he applied so he’s a happy camper.  He’s likely headed to Queen’s next fall to do Math, like his mum and dad.  He must get the positive vibe that emanates from the two of us, young love in the math department, and all that.  But he’s also a big fan of tradition and history, and the place simply exudes that from it’s limestone walls.   But right now he’s very tired of school and is looking forward to the break.

Tonight he’s heading to Berkeley CA to hang with my brother/his uncle/godfather, aunt, and their two and a half charming children for a week.  He gets back next Thursday night, and Friday we all leave for Puerto Vallarta.  My sister, brother, their kids, and the four of us.  We’ve rented a villa on the beach, with a cook and houseman, a pool, seven bedrooms, right on the beach.  It sounds superluxe, but it’s basically what it would have cost us to go to an all-inclusive, without all the March break madness.  And no fighing over lounge chairs around the pool.  Quiet, family-oriented, low-stress.  Six adults, two teens, three school-agers, and two under 4.  Plus one in utero.  (Not mine, in case you’re wondering.  Whew!)  Z and my SIL will keep each other company with their booze-less vacation, and the rest of us will be sucking back the Dos Equis and margaritas, on our lounge chairs that did not require saving before breakfast, with our big stacks of library books, knitting, and magazines.  We might wander in to town a couple of times…on Sunday for sure for mass and meals as the “staff” are off.  (Why do I love typing that?)  

But eight days without cooking (me) and no dishes to wash (boys) plus some sun and sand promises to be rejuvenating.

Your thoughts?

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