Early results are in!

As soon as the new water service was installed, I rushed to the kitchen sink to check out the new pressure.  It showed no noticeable difference at individual taps/showerheads.  My heart sank at this.  Did we just blow over two grand for nuthin’?  I mean, it made sense to do it if the city is running a big fat pipe across the street to our house.  They were already in the ground, so it was the right time to extend the service to the house.

But this morning it became apparent that the big payoff is when multiple fixtures are working.  I ran the shower this morning, hopped out, flushed the toilet, and hopped back in.  No change in pressure!  Then I did the same thing, but ran the tap at the sink while running the shower.  No change!  Woohoo!
Next step will be to see if two people can take showers at the same time (in two separate bathrooms, I mean).  This could be the end of Michael’s plaintiff cries from the boys’ shower:  “Whoever is using the water, could you PLEASE STOP!” 
In a house with three full baths, it would be nice to be able to stop coordinating shower times, particularly during the morning rush, or when we have guests in the basement and need to tell them to ask before they have a shower!
Plus it just occurred to me this morning that our expenses quality for the new Canadian home renovation tax credit, so that’s a little bonus.
Oh, and our lawn has frozen solid into a gnarly wreck.  Very unsightly.  But they will resod, once sod is available.  And that will only draw attention to the rest of the lawn, which was pretty pathetic to start with.  I actually asked the city contractor if we could pay him extra to sod our whole lawn, but sadly, no.  He contracts for the city and while they can do the plumbing work to extend the service to our home privately, they’re not lawn contractors.  I’ll see who comes to do the sod and find out if they could do the rest of the lawn.  Unfortunately, we are a corner lot in a neighborhood with a ton of dogs, so it may never look great, unless we fence it all in.

Your thoughts?

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