Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Today is the day our water service is getting upgraded.  The crew was here in the dark at 7 am, warming up the excavator.  And they’re still here at 1:40 pm, with lots of dirt piles, water running down the street, but none coming into the house yet.

The city has a huge project to increase the diameter of the pipes that come from the city water mains, and we are also paying to have the upgrade continued into our house so that we get the full effect (more water pressure – yay!).  This also takes care of the dirty little secret here in Toronto – lead pipes.  

By 1:00 pm today, this was the scene from my bedroom window.  Note the three large, deep, holes in my lawn. (Well, one is actually in the neighbours bit of lawn next to her driveway.)

The plumber, who came to do the work inside the house, mentioned that the crew was “having a little trouble” getting the line across the street.  And that my water would be off for longer than the half hour that it usually takes when he arrives at the end of the process.  

On top of all this, at around 10 am this morning there was a strong gas smell in the house.  I stepped outside and it was there too.  I spotted an Enbridge truck (gas company) and a bunch of other white vehicles parked in the vicinity.

When I wandered out to talk to the crew, there was much hemming and hawing when I mentioned I smelled gas.  They said something to the effect that “it’s all under control now” and so I went back inside.

I’m supposed to be cooking dinner for a friend tonight.  We typically meet for lunch once a month, visiting restaurants in the vicinity of her office, but I hadn’t had her over for ages, so a few weeks ago,  I invited her up here after work tonight.  On Monday, I was informed that the water service upgrade would happen today…they are coordinating households that are on the same service (or whatever), so there was not much flexibility on that front.   The plan was to be done with the water stuff by noon at the lastest (so I was told) and then I’d do all my errands, shower, prep and cook.  Because of our nervous dog, I can’t really leave the house while the crew needs access.  I need water.  I need cilantro.  I need limes.

I think we will be dining out.  

Your thoughts?

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