New Template – New List

I finally got around to getting a new (free!) template.  It’s kinda happy, and spring-like, and sunny, which is what I need during these dark, rainy, days of whatever season we’re in right now.  

My decluttering list is quickly shrinking.  A trip to Goodwill today and I’ll be in great shape.  Not on the list were my five home theatre speakers that are being sold tonight (thank you, craigslist).  The A/V receiver isn’t going, likely because it’s not HD-compatible.  Not sure what to do with it at this point. 

Yesterday, I hung a bunch of art, photos, and a heavy mirror on the walls in the basement hallway and it looks great.

Today is errands and cleaning day.

  • Goodwill
  • Library 
  • Costco
  • Cleaning:
    • Four One bathrooms
    • Boys bathtub
    • Vac main floor
    • Vac second floor
    • Dust master bedroom
    • Ironing
    • Kitchen floor
    • Microwave
    • Outside of kitchen cupboards
    This list should be much shorter, except I haven’t done any cleaning yet this week.  I use the Motivated Moms chore list so that everything gets done in some semblance of rotation.  This week has been one distraction after another, particularly with the push to declutter before our guests arrive on Saturday.

    Tonight, Z and I have tickets for the Toronto Sympony Orchestra with pianist Radu Lupu.  We usually have dinner out before, but work commitments (Z) may preclude that.   Anyway, it will be a little treat for all our hard work this week.

    Your thoughts?

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