Last gasp of decluttering (for now)

There are still remnants of our basement remodel remaining on our main floor. Preparing for the arrival of a houseful of guests for a week is certainly motivating.

The list:

  • heavy metal shelving hardware – Freecycled (to be picked up this afternoon)
  • subwoofer – sold on Craigslist and picked up last night
  • fireplace tools – don’t like ’em anymore – in the car for Goodwill
  • old vacuum – needs a minor repair but we already have two others, a product of our staggered move to Atlanta – I will either Freecycle this or take it to Goodwill
  • A/V Receiver for home theatre – to be listed on Craigslist today
  • Ikea shelving removed from guest room – to be stored in basement until spring where it will be installed in shed
  • JVC mini stereo system – to be offered to a family member – hopefully gone this week
  • large box of Z’s books – stored in guest room closet until he can sort through them
  • golf clubs (3 sets) – to store in attic
  • cast iron griddle for barbeque – to be stored in basement
  • two dead laptops – to be Freecycled to a guy to rebuilds computers from parts
  • box of books – Goodwill
  • two 5′ long melamine shelves that are stained and chipped – out with trash tomorrow
I need to get some errands done today.  It’s Michael’s 14th birthday tomorrow and I need to get him a card.  We’ll celebrate on Friday with Korean Barbeque at Seoul House.  It’s our new favorite family asian place…not a walk like Nara Sushi, but the best tempura I’ve ever had, great barbeque, and yummy Korean sides.  Our neice Magali will be here from Montreal for the weekend so she’ll join us Friday night.

Your thoughts?

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