Couch-to-5k: Week 2

Despite almost losing my iPod, I managed to make it through the three Week 1 runs.  This morning I did the first Week 2 run, which involves the same five minute warm-up and then 90 seconds of running followed by a two minute walk.  Six times.  This means the total run is nine minutes, vs. the eight minute total last week (8×60 seconds).  

Like my first Week 1 session, I had to push pretty hard for the last 20 seconds of each run, and my legs didn’t feel so hot, but I made it.  I think this is going to work, although I’ve had to forget about running with Wilson as he’s too erratic.  ‘

And then I had poutine at the mall for lunch.  Don’t click on the link…your cholesterol will shoot up just looking at the pictures.

I am so weak.

Your thoughts?

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