An answered prayer

This will seem silly to many of you, particularly my Protestant friends.  But here goes.

Monday afternoon, I lost my iPod.  It’s an iPod Touch, with virtually all the features of an iPhone without the phone.  It is my mobile calendar, address book, web-browser, mail and feed reader, and my music player.   It stores the podcasts I listen to while walking the dog, and most importantly (in the past week), my couch-to-5k running podcast, the only thing that has actually motivated me to put on my running shoes and run.
It was gone.  I moved all the furniture I could, checked under and between the car seats, in all my purses, bags, coat pockets, kitchen cupboards, you name it.  I had taken it downtown to my course on Monday morning, but the battery got low so I stowed it in my shoulder bag and read all the way home on the subway.  I remembered plugging it into my laptop Monday afternoon, and then entering an appointment in it later that afternoon.  But I never plugged it back into the computer to synch, and couldn’t lay my hands on it.  The only time I’d left the house Monday afternoon was to pick up Wilson from the vet after his dental work.
I was frantic.  It was not cheap.  I use it for probably 3 hours per day for various things.  Yes, all the information was on my computer, but I couldn’t use it in the car, or on my walks, or runs, or lying in bed when I needed to look up a word.  
Yesterday afternoon, I did the Catholic thing.  I asked St. Anthony to intercede for me and to help me find it.  Being a young catholic (of 4-1/2 years), this still feels kinda wierd.  But I was going through this strange grieving process and I needed to stop thinking about the iPod for a while and let it be.  
This morning I spent 20 mintues with a flashlight looking under all the beds and furniture that were too heavy to move.  Reminded St. Anthony that I really wanted to find this thing.
I left to get groceries this afternoon and looked once again between and under the car seats.  Then stuck my hand into the pocket on the door of the car, where I had looked before.  I pulled out all the maps and google printouts and tourism guides, and receipts, and there it was.  It must have fallen out of my coat pocket when I went to the vet to pick up Wilson Monday afternoon.  
Thanks to St. Anthony for this great favour.  Now, I need to get my running clothes on and hit the road.  I’m a day late for the third and final run of my first couch-to-5k week!

Your thoughts?

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