Okay, well it’s taken me a few weeks to get out of the “couch” phase, but thanks to the great podcast by Richard Ullrey, I have done the first two of three runs for Week 1 of the Couch-to-5k running plan.

Ullrey’s podcast is really helpful because he has music to keep you motivated and cues to tell you when to run and when to walk.  So there’s no looking at your watch or counting steps, or whatever.  I have new Superfeet insoles, new running shoes, and am hoping for some new running clothes for Chrismas to give me a somewhat sleeker look.  The baggy t-shirt and old yoga pants look pretty bad.

I took Wilson with me for the first two runs but he is really erratic and annoying to run with as ge tends to pull on the leash a lot.  So I think I’ll keep his walks separate from my runs.  He doesn’t need the exercise as much as I do!

Your thoughts?

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