Sunday Choral Report

I should really stop calling this a mass report as it’s typically all about the music (my posts, that is!)   Anyway, I was a little disapppointed that Father didn’t bring out the black vestments for All Souls, but he gave an excellent homily (wearing purple) and we had incense, so it was okay.

Processional: 450 (CBW3)…I can’t remember what hymn this was…my online source for CBW listings has disappeared so I”ll either need to shell out for a personal hymnal or write it all down at rehearsal!
Offertory:  Special request from our pastor for The Old Rugged Cross.  Yes, this is a Catholic church.  His uncle died last week and this was sung at the funeral.  Paul got a lovely setting of this chestnut (PDF file).  Much was sung a capella, with just a touch of support from the organ.
Communion: O Salutaris Hostia by Herbert Howells.  A lovely piece, sadly flubbed by the sopranos. (Just keepin’ it real, here.)
Recessional: 449 (CBW3) For All The Saints. With slighty “off” words again.  Why do hymnal editors mess with perfectly good language?
In the hopper:
Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences (Purcell) – for Remembrance Day I think.
Sia laudato San Francesco (Cortona Laudario)
Salve Regina (Josquin)
In Paradisum from Faure’s Requiem
The choir has also been asked to participate in the Aradia Ensemble’s Christmas Concert for Vivialdi’s Gloria.  Should be lovely to sing with this wonderful group!

Your thoughts?

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