Sunday Report

Another big crowd out for choir this morning, and we were in fine form.

We sang a beautiful piece by Brahms during the offertory:  Lass Dict Nur Nichts Nicht Dauren (“Let Not Your Heart be Troubled”) (pdf).  My German is non-existent, so I had to pick up the pronounciation on the fly, but all was well.

During Communion we sang a stunning setting of the Lord’s Prayer by John Sheppard that we’ve done before (first page).  It was a cappella and the choir is quite good at not dropping the pitch.

Processional was Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Hyfrydol), and recessional was For the Fruit of All Creation (Ar Hyd Y Nos, one of my favorite lullaby tunes.)  Our all-Welsh program!   A funny typo (or maybe not) in the former. Third line, verse one should read “Fix in us your humble dwelling;” but the Catholic Book of Worship III (choir edition, at least) reads “Fix us in your humble dwelling;”, quite another meaning altogether.

Your thoughts?

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