Musical bliss

In the midst of all my right-brain activity yesterday, I went downtown to the Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre for a free lunch hour concert of chamber music.

They have a terrific space for these types of events.  The audience sits on a sort of giant staircase, surrounded by glass overlooking University Avenue.  I took the TTC down and there is direct access to the Centre from the Osgoode station.


The concert in question was a trio:  Kathleen Rudolph (flute), Theresa Rudolph Koczo (viola), and Rita Costanzi (harp).  Theresa is Kathleen’s daughter, and they have known Rita since before Theresa was born.  Kathleen and Theresa both played with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and all three are busy, professional musicians.  Kathleen sings alto with me in our parish choir.

They played pieces by Damasse, Faure, Debussy, Godefroid (harp solo), and Debussey.  It was celestial!

Your thoughts?

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