Why am I still sick????

I succumbed to the colds that have now felled three of our four family members.  I started feeling ill on Wednesday and I seem to be stuck in this cold rut, not feeling appreciably better from day to day.  I’d just like to move into the runny-nose-but-otherwise-fine phase that I can deal with.  Congested head and chest, plus overall germy-sick feeling is getting old quickly.  Z has feeling better, with just a chesty cough remaining, and I’m about 2 days behind him, so I’m hopeful for a midweek uptick.  

That being said, I drugged myself up and headed out to see Jersey Boys with my sweetie on Friday night and it was the bomb!  An absolutely terrific show with music that reverbated in my brain for the next 24 hours or so.  

Our niece Magali was in Toronto on business late last week so she stayed the weekend with us.  On Saturday we headed to the Markham Fair for a little taste o’ the country.  It was chilly but we met up with Z’s cousin and his family and had dinner at their place afterwards.  The cold weather felt good on my sinuses and I was feeling rather fine by the end of the evening.

Sunday morning dawned and I could hardly drag myself out of bed.  I spent the day on the sofa, reading and letting my family cook for me.  This morning, I’m still feeling low but will try to pull it together to get down to Mike’s school and pick up his at-home-tuba so that he can start practising.

Your thoughts?

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