My new regime

It seems to me that I’ve posted something along these lines before.  Possibly multiple times.  But my pants are all tight (not counting the ones that I just bought) and the scale is a lying b*tch.  Possibly not.  All this means reigning in my fleshly tendancies to gluttony and sloth.

I installed FitDay on my computer last night and will go back to keeping a Food and Activity log. There is a free online version at, but I bought the install-to-your-PC version (FitDay Desktop) a couple of years ago and still had the registration info, so was able to download it to my new computer last night for free.  

FitDay tells me that to get 23 pounds off, which would bring me into the not-overweight BMI range by Christmas, requires 2 pounds a week.  Not too strenuous.   Except that it means I need to keep to 1400 calories per day!  Aack!  That’s crazy!  I believe the system lets you “buy” calories with exercise, so I’ll be doing a lot of dog walking, lucky Wilson.  I have also been contemplating the Couch-to-5k running plan, but I need new sneaks and inserts as mine are flat as cardboard and it hurts my shins and arches to run.

It probably means I need to give up cream and maple syrup on my porridge.  And cream in my coffee.  I have been using light (5%) cream but FitDay has made it obvious that I will use up half my calories on just breakfast if I keep that up.  Fie.  I will retain cream for my coffee and just get used to porridge with skim milk.  Gag.

I am sitting here at 10:15 in the morning and I’m hungry.  My cheerios, skim milk, banana, and two cups of coffee cost me 300 calories and they only held me four hours into my day.  It’s back to porridge tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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