Dreary days

Z and Michael have colds.  Michael missed school yesterday, but is on the mend so returned this morning.  I don’t think he’s ever missed a day of school for sickness, so it was strange to have him here during the day.  Luckily, his copy of Brisingr arrived in the mail yesterday morning so he got a good start on that.

I can’t remember the last time Z was really ill.  He stayed home yesterday, but did a full day’s work, his usual grind of 10 hours of back-to-back conference calls.  He took two hours off in the afternoon and we watched Tivo’d episodes of Mad Men and Weeds, and then he returned to his basement lair for more calls.

Today, I was firm with him and said that he needed to take the day off.  He doesn’t seem to be getting better and has taken more Tylenol in the past 48 hours than in the past 5 years. (He does not believe in taking meds….most of the time.)  He spent 15 minutes on the phone with his boss, and then has one hour-long call this morning, and then that’s it.  Everything else is delegated/cancelled/postponed.  I think.

I will make some lentil soup for dinner tonight.  Soul food for my middle-eastern sweetie.

Your thoughts?

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