Menu Plan Monday

Gotta get back in the saddle on this one.  We’ve been eating ad hoc meals for a while, or shopping right before dinner which is a pain.

  • Monday (today):  Pasta with arrabbiata sauce, salad, honeydew melon.  (Sauce is from September issue of Chatelaine magazine.)
  • Tuesday:  Stir-fried shrimp with veggies in szechuan sauce, rice, pear tart.
  • Wednesday:  Lentil soup, grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Thurday:  Four cheese ravioli (from costco…yum-my!) with vodka sauce, salad.
  • Friday:  Z and I out for dinner and Jersey Boys!  Lads on their own with visiting niece.  Will probably give them $$ for Subway or sushi.
  • Saturday:  Hmmm…probably out at Markham Fair.  Candy apples?  Corn dogs? 

Your thoughts?

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