Film Festival: Who Do You Love?

Z and I were invited to attend a Gala screening at the Toronto International Film Festival by one of his business contacts. In the two years we’ve been in Toronto, we hadn’t managed to make it to a single screening at either the ’07 or ’08 festivals so this was a great opportunity to get ourselves dressed and down to Roy Thomson Hall.

There was a dessert reception before the screening where I enjoyed a couple of flutes of champagne, one shortbread cookie with a sugared violet on top, and a cone chocolate filled with pine-flavoured cream.  I have recently given up desserts as my weight is hitting a new personal worst, so this was a tiny cheat.  (I haven’t given up booze or fruit, just unneccesary sugar, the category of the cookie and chocolate.)  Just prior to the screening, the servers passed out bottles of water (check) and boxes of popcorn (no thanks…it just seems wrong to eat popcorn in Roy Thomson Hall.)
We saw the world premiere of a terrific film by Jerry Zaks called “Who Do You Love?“, about Chess Records and the brothers who started it.  Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, and Etta James all rose to stardom thanks to Chess, and the film was a great testament to the brothers’ risk-taking and eye for talent.  In attendance were Zaks, some of the of actors (including Alessandro Nivola (Leonard Chess), John Abrahams (Phil Chess), and David Oyelowo (Muddy Waters)), and the Leonard Chess’s real-life son, Marshall.  Introduced by Cameron Bailey before the screening, Zaks made a short speech and invited the cast members onto the stage. 
A terrific evening out.

Your thoughts?

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