August Declutter Challenge: Week 4


Item 1: Knife sharpener. My brother gave me a new, better one for my birthday, so this old thing has gone to Goodwill.


Item 2: Dying plant. A lovely hostess gift from dinner guests. Actually, we invited them for drinks before taking them OUT for dinner, after our basement flooded and the whole house smelled … damp. Plant matter into compost. Basket to Goodwill. Because you CAN have too many baskets.


Item 3: Flowers that were never alive. Like last week, this lovely floral arrangement was purchased when we were staging our last house to sell. It looks okay from a distance. Up close, it’s very….plastic. Direct to Goodwill.


Item 4: (Cheaply) framed poster of guitar chords. We just repainted Alex’s room and it doesn’t go with his new look. So he says.


Item 5: Lamp from Ikea with burned out bulb. These lamps seem to have been breeding in our house. We don’t need it, and don’t want to replace the bulb. Gone to Goodwill.


Items 6 and 7: More books came off of their 60-day listing unsold. I listed a bunch on the homeschooling board I still lurk on. Two lots went: a Canadian history bundle, and an art curriculum for Grades 4-6. These were two separate sales, and two separate mailings, so I’m counting them as two items. Plus I made some money!


Your thoughts?

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