My quick and easy pina colada.

I haven’t posted a drink recipe lately, and this one is my own invention. Well, perhaps others have come up with the same thing, but this was a pure product of happenstance.

We brought back a bottle of coconut rum from Jamaica a few years ago, and never really used it. I pulled it out a few days ago and was looking around for something to mix it with.

My eyes fell on a can of Mountain Dew in the fridge that we got with a “10-drinks-for $1” deal with Pizza Pizza last week. Well, if you mix the Dew with coconut rum, you get a sort of low-fat pina colada, that is really quite refreshing. Even Z liked it, and he doesn’t usually slum when it comes to beverages.

We’ll have no trouble finishing up the coconut rum now.

Your thoughts?

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