Major Milestone

We are about to have another driver in the family.

Alex just finished his driver’s ed course and has booked his road test for late September. He passed the driver’s ed “road test” yesterday which is supposed to replicate a real road test, so his hopes are high.

For his father and I to feel confident, we’ll be practicing a lot with him over the next few weeks so that he has more miles under his belt and is a little smoother. But it will be nice to have another driver in the household, particularly one who, during the driving honeymoon period, will be quite willing to schlepp his brother to karate!

I guess I need to look into insurance now…

3 thoughts on “Major Milestone

  1. I can’t even imagine my little ones driving! I guess it will be here before I know it. It does sound kind of nice to have another driver around. Of course, at this point I would just settle for being able to leave them in the house by themselves for a few hours.Jen

  2. My son just passed his tests too and now we are waiting the required 2 weeks before he can go and get his license. It’s so strange to see him behind the wheel of a car.

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