August Declutter Challenge: Week 3


Here we go again!

Item 1: This is some track lighting that we purchased for a house that we lived in 3 houses ago (our first house). This means that we have paid someone to move it (and the rest of our household contents) three times. We have nowhere in our current house to use it, so it’s gone to Goodwill.


Item 2: Anti-allergy pillow cover. All of our pillows are either covered, or are new and don’t require this. Gone to Goodwill.


Item 3: In preparation for school start in a week and a half, I did some house-wide decluttering and gathered pens, pencils, sharpies, and school tools together and put them in this box in the kichen, where the boys typically do their homework. It’s even labelled. I am such a geek.


Item 4: These books were listed at and didn’t sell after their first listing period (60 days?). So they’re going to Goodwill.


Item 5: Fake flowers in fake tea-pot. Need I say more? They were purchased when we were staging our last house to sell. Gone to Goodwill.


Item 6: Hand cream that I have never used. Got it as a free gift with purchase when I bought a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Gone.


Item 7: No photos here, but I had both my boys clear out the space under their beds. It was mostly old school books (Alex) and toys (Michael). School stuff went into the trash/recycling. Old toys to Goodwill.

Your thoughts?

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