August Declutter Challenge: Week 2

Here are the results for Week 2:

Item 1: two bottles of Barbeque sauce. We don’t use bottled barbeque sauce. Plus, they had expired. Not sure how we got them in the first place. Dumped sauce and recycled bottles.
Item 2: Candle from master bath. Haven’t used it in the past year and it’s gathering dust. Outta here! (Goodwill)
Item 3: Cleaning products from master bath. First two require you to remember to use them EVERY DAY. We are not that on-the-ball. Third was empty bottle. Fourth is moisturizer that I never use and is just taking up space on vanity. Into recycling bin.
Item 4: Sort of spooky foot-high candle holder (space for tealight at bottom). Bought it years ago at a craft fair and kinda liked it. Not so much anymore. On to Goodwill.
Items 5 & 6: The big linen clear-out. I’m counting two items for these: a twin duvet that has lost some stuffing but is still serviceable, and some twin sheets and pillowcases (cotton) that are in primary/child colours and are no longer interesting to our sons. Plus a couple of lacy Euro shams that have yellowed. Into Goodwill bag.

Item 7: Stuffed monkey with magnetic feet. Promo item from Zs work but is in danger of becoming a dog toy leading to large vet bills when dog rips toy apart and swallows magnets. Goodwill.

5 thoughts on “August Declutter Challenge: Week 2

  1. Janet, you really did a great job this week! I can see you’re having to walk around the house and actually ask “what’s not working here”I love the way you know yourselves <>We are not that on-the-ball.<> and the way you’re adapting to your unique organising style.Great job! I probably need to go through the fridge to check for expired sauces!Marcia from Organising Queen

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