August Declutter Challenge: Week 1


The folks over at Organizing Queen are hosting a month-long declutter challange and awarding some interesting prizes. Every Friday, we need to post our weekly progress on decluttering one item per day.

Here’s mine!

Friday: Some too-small clothing from boys’ closets to take to Goodwill


Saturday: Bags for Goodwill that had been in my car for a number of weeks were dropped off.


Sunday: We were on holidays, but I managed to declutter (i.e. throw out) two old windshield wipers from the back of the car.


Monday: A pile of webbed stuff that you put under carpets. In a trash bag on the porch, waiting for garbage day.


Tuesday: A game that our kids have outgrown. Off to Goodwill.


Wednesday: Baby food that my brother forgot to take home with him when he and his family were visiting this summer. Left at a food bank box at my local grocery store.


Thursday: Cans of cream of mushroom soup that I bought at Costco for some casserole I was making in large quantity. I only used three of them, and will likely never use the rest. Also left at food bank box.


Your thoughts?

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