For Catholics with an iPod Touch or iPhone….

Universalis has created two apps for these devices that give you a Catholic Calendar (free) that tells you the name and saint of the day (if any memorials etc). The second app is $32 (in Canada, at least) and gives you the full liturgy of the hours, including mass readings, office of readings, morning, evening, and night prayer, as well as the free content above.

You can set your local area and get the customised data for wherever you live (includes Australia, Canada, Europe (general), England, England (Westminster), Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand (also specific ones for certain cities/dioceses), Southern Africa, and of course the United States.

You can get these apps from iTunes (search “Universalis”), and you can see sample screenshots there.

I just downloaded it yesterday so haven’t had a chance to take it for much of a testdrive, but it looks like a great way to be able to pray the Hours wherever you are!

Your thoughts?

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