Sigh…TTC is on strike

Last night at midnight, our transit workers here in TO went on strike after rejecting the agreement that had been negotiated last week.

I don’t know enough about the working conditions or the agreement to have an educated opinion about this labour action. But the strike was called with no notice, contrary to union promises of 48 hours, stranding hundreds of people in downtown Toronto last night.

So far today, I’ve spent quite a bit of the time in the car. I drove Michael to Japanese class downtown first thing this morning, and then picked him up at noon and drove him to Karate. Then picked him up after Karate and drove him to buy a glove for softball at school this week and then home. Normally, one of us drives him either to Japanese or to a subway station, and then he gets to karate and home on public transit.

There is talk that the city government will order workers back to work in a special sitting of the provincial legislature scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. That would put drivers back on the road for the weekday commute which, frankly and from a completely selfish point of view, would be nice. We have a great, if aging, transit system in the city and it is one of the main reasons we chose to downsize our house (and upsize our mortgage) to live in-town.

I do NOT want to schlepp my boys to school in grid-lock on Monday….

Your thoughts?

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