[Update: Just heard that a tentative agreement was reached minutes ago…transit will be running at least for tomorrow.]

The Toronto Transit Commission has until 4 pm today to reach an agreement with workers. Or else the city’s public transit will be out tomorrow.

The lads take bus/subway/streetcar to school and back each day, and so this will mean that I will need to get them to school tomorrow, in the midst of thousands of other in the same boat. We’re not going into the heart of downtown, nor do we live in the suburbs, so the pain will be less than for many, but I do not look forward to venturing south in my car. I will likely drive them part way and then turn north towards home, and they can walk the rest of the way.

Z drives to the ‘burbs for work so he should be against traffic, although I suppose all bets are off in this case. He needs to get to the airport tomorrow afternoon which will likely be much more of a problem. He has a limo booked, but needs to consider moving up the pickup time to allow for congestion.

This is a big city that relies heavily on our fairly decent transit system. There are some significant issues on the bargaining table (and some less-than-significant) but I can’t help but feel selfish about it all at this point.

Your thoughts?

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