Liturgy and the Papal Mass

The blogosphere is reeling with discussion about the Papal mass in DC. I found Fr. Rob Johansen‘s piece excellent. A little exerpt:

We live in the age, as Mark Shea has coined the term, of “Generation Narcissus”. Our collective motto as a society is “It’s all about me.” In liturgical terms, this translates to the “Self-Actualized Community Celebrating Itself in Its Okayness”. In our pride and self-centeredness, we want to turn the liturgy around to focus on ourselves. As a priest I have encountered this in many ways. This attitude commonly rears its head in weddings. When, from time to time, I have had to say “no” to the unreasonable liturgical demands of some bride, I have heard the reply “but this is my wedding”. To which my response is, “yes, it is, but it’s not about you. At confirmation, graduation, and other special Masses, frequently the organizers try, in ways verging upon the silly, to concoct ways to “involve” all the confirmands or graduates, to give them all something to “do” in the liturgy, because it’s “about” them.

Head over and read the whole thing.

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