My poor second child.

I really feel sometimes that Michael gets short shrift in our family. I have come to understand that he is not a whiner, and tends to politely ask for things numerous times and then gives up. Unlike his older brother.

Part of this came to me when I realised that he had nary a complaint after his braces went on three weeks ago. He asked me for an Advil on the second day, and other than that, nada. No whining about the inside of his mouth. No complaining about what he can’t eat. Nothing.

He has been asking to take Karate for months. Since before we moved to Toronto last summer. (Okay, so it’s probably over a year.) On Saturday, we finally took him to the local dojo and got the deets. Yesterday, he went for his introductory session and first class, and loved it!

The place is great…clean and bright (even though it’s in a basement) with viewing area for parents, four classroom areas, and a small closed off studio and a kitchen. Plus two offices and a reception area. All the staff were extremely enthusiastic and kind, and he is very keen to go the max of three times per week. We will probably sign him up for Monday and Wednesday evenings … he can get to class on his bike when we’re unable to take him. On Saturday afternoons, he can get there directly on public transit from his Japanese class downtown.

This will be great for his posture and stamina, and good exercise for this child who is not really in to team sports.

Your thoughts?

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