A good weekend isn’t necessarily a productive one….

….but in this case, it was.

We’ve turned our basement bedroom, formerly my (virually unused) craft room, into an office for Z. So he no longer will have the bay window in our bedroom stuffed with a folding table, zillions of cables, books, papers, and other work detritus. I’ve suggested that he also move the exercise bench and free-weights into that room. Two steps closer to a spa-like bedroom!

Alex got some tutoring in Saturday morning, and he and Z made a chicken casserole for our parish ministry so he’s feeling a little better about his Christian service hours.

Saturday night, Z, Michael and I went to see 21. While predictable in many ways, it was high energy and enjoyable. The fact that it’s been #1 at the box office for two weeks suggests that the current movie pickings are pretty slim.

Sunday was choir practice and mass. We started rehearsing a simply divine work by Monteverdi called Stabat virgo Maria. Originally a madrigal, the sacred text was added later by Aquilino Coppini. It was like singing velvet and I plan to purchase it from iTunes today so that I can enjoy it further.

Sunday evening I roasted a chicken from Beretta Farms and enjoyed lots of our organic produce from our GEO box We had pureed parsnips and carrots, boiled potatoes, and cucumbers. Today I’ll make some chicken stock with the remains for a hearty lentil soup this evening.

Your thoughts?

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