Car update

I had left a short note with my name and number on the windshield of the person who (apparently) hit my car on Thursday. I heard from the woman’s son-in-law on Friday morning.

He was very polite and said that his MIL was very shaken up by the incident. And that she had no idea that she had hit me. He asked if he could come by and look at my car to make sure that it was in fact due to her, and indicated that depending on the estimate, they may choose to settle outside of the insurance. I told him that while I had already notified my insurance company, I’d give them the chance to settle that way. And that he’d better get in touch with the police because they were treating it as a “failure to remain”.

He dropped by at noon on Saturday and (I think) was convinced that it was his MIL. He also told me that the officer at the Collision Reporting Centre said that the parking lot where I was hit is one of the highest incident locations in the GTA. Ooops. I had noticed that there was a lot of honking in the lot, and that cars were very tightly packed because snow removal had not been done properly and so the driving was very cramped.

I’ll take it to the insurance-company-recommended body shop for an estimate on Monday and get back to my contact with the details. I’ll run this by my insurance company as well.

Your thoughts?

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