It’s all about the vegetables.

You guys are gonna get totally bored reading about my adventures with vegetables, but I’m sure the thrill will wear off soon and I’ll be back to whatever it is that I usually blog about.

I got a cabbage in my box this week. I can probably count on two hands number of cabbages I have bought in my life, so it was with some trepidation that I scoured for some inspiration.

And voila….eggrolls! They were a big hit last night, and I had to pick up some more wrappers this morning to use up the rest of the filling. They used half my cabbage, some carrots, onion, celery, shrimp, and fried egg. I forgot to get bean sprouts so they were sprout-free. Seasoned with a little garlic powder and soy sauce, wrapped in store-bought wrappers and deep-fried. Yum-ola! There is just the slight issued of the frying smell that is now permeating our house, but, whatever. It will dissipate, right?

Tomorrow night, I will make Colcannon to use up the rest of the cabbage (along with the requisite potatoes). I found some organic nitrite-free bacon this morning so a smidge of that will go in to it as well! We’ll serve it with a boneless pork loin roast, peas, and salad.

Your thoughts?

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