My car was dinged! And then the perp parked next to me.


I was parked in a shopping centre, mailing off our tax slips to our accountant and splurging on some new clothes. When I returned to the car and opened the door, I felt and heard a little “pop”. I shut the door and noticed a bunch of scrapes and blue paint on my front fender and car door. And then I noticed the blue car parked next to me.

And then I noticed that his or her front bumper had scratches on it.

Yep. The guy or gal hit my car turning into the parking space and then just parked there.

So I jotted down the license, make and model and left a note on the car’s windshield explaining the situation with my name and phone number. I totally forgot that I could have taken photos of the scene with my phone, including the scrapes on the other car. Oh well.

I decided to head home and call my insurance company for assistance. They directed me to my local Collision Reporting Centre where they took photos of my car. I told my story, wrote my story, chatted up the nice police officer, and left with the all-important accident report number. I called the info into my insurance company and they gave me the name of a good body shop near me and told me that my deductible was waived (because I got the police report within 24 hours, if I understood correctly.)

It’s pretty minor stuff but annoying. I’ll call the body shop in the morning and take my baby in for an estimate. I think that they deal directly with the insurance company so I won’t have to deal with the financial side of things. But it’s time away from other important things like house cleaning, reading, and knitting.

Your thoughts?

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