This first week of home-delivered organic veggies has been great! We’ve pretty much gone through everything except for the bok choy and an avocado. I boiled the beets last night and the boys loved them! Who knew? I’d never considered cooking beets for them, although I love beets. I just figured it would be a whine-fest. Not. The only disappointment were the Macintosh apples…they just weren’t very tasty until cut up and made into apple crisp.

We’ve cooked up the left-overs from Easter over the past two days. Monday we had shepherd’s pie with leftover lamb, gravy and mashed potatoes. With the addition of a side of red swiss chard (also a first) and some carrots in the pie, we had a great meal. Last night, I made lamb tikka masala and veggie biryani, and that finished up the lamb and carrots. Both boys are intrigued by the idea of using up leftover meat this way, and I explained that this was a way of life for my grandmother and her Sunday roast beef.

Michael has agreed to eat meat from Beretta Organic Farms since the animals are pastured, so I think I’ll pick up a pork roast for next Sunday and cook it up with whatever yummy veggies arrive in our delivery tomorrow! These farms are supplying meat and cold cuts to my local Loblaws grocer so it is very convenient to eat this quality meat.

Your thoughts?

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